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Security and tamper proof labels

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Media Library - Secured LockLabels with security features are used for product authentication, reducing theft and providing counterfeiting protection. Label World offers a variety of asset and property labels with security features that help prevent unauthorized access and the altering, removal or photocopying of such labels. Common uses for security labels include employee ID badges, electronics, pharmaceutical packaging, over-the-counter drugs, personal care products, high-priced electronics, product warranty labels, brand protection on valuable products and much more.


Media Library - Void Label Sample

Using a combination of both overt and covert qualities can create a powerful label. For instance, we could start with a Tamper-Evident VOID or Tamper-Evident Destructible material. Durable VOID labels leave behind a repetitive "VOID" message on both the label and the item to which it was applied if any attempt is made to remove the label. Destructible labels are fragile and virtually impossible to remove in one piece so they deter any transfer of a label to another asset. To these labels, we can add special deterrents such as a patterned ink design that is only readable with a black light or security slits on the face of the label so it will quickly tear if anyone tries to remove it. Adding multiple layers of security can be regularly and affordably done to keep date-sensitive information protected.



Media Library - Void label 2


Media Library - Void Label 3


Media Library - Tamper Proof


Media Library - Hologram Label Sample


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