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Frequently Asked Questions

Media Library - FAQ ButtonQ: How long does it take from order to completion?

A: From the time we receive a PO until the labels are received by our client it would usually take 6-8 working days, however depending on the complexity of the order and if the artwork, plates, or dies are required this may vary slightly.


Q: What do I need to supply to you?
A: Ideally we need your artwork in a high-resolution PDF format with all fonts outlined and 3mm bleed (Bleed is the area outside of the label that goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming/cutting). We also have all the latest up-to-date software including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Q: I know what I want but can’t do the artwork myself, can you do this for me?

A: Yes, we have a dedicated art and design team that can work closely with you to create exactly what you are looking for.


Q: Are your labels durable?

A: Yes, you can choose from a number of different materials for different environments such as fridge or freezer-friendly to having a thicker paper to having a material such as polypropylene that makes it more difficult to tear the labels.


Q: How should I deliver my art files to Label World?
A: We can accept your file on CD or DVD, by email, or other electronic delivery. The best method for you may depend on the size of the completed files. If submitting files via email or other electronic methods, it is often best to collect all the necessary files into one ZIP archive file, which can easily be created from your desktop. This ensures that everything we need is in one place, and also prevents any of the files from being corrupted, which can occasionally happen.


Q: What do copy positions mean?
A: Copy position is the direction/position that your label will come off the roll. This information is required if you are using a machine applicator. If your label is hand-applied then the copy position is irrelevant.
Media Library - Copy Chart PNG

Click here to see the copy position chart.


Q: What core size do I need?
A: This is the size of the inner roll your label will be supplied on. Again this information is required if you are using a machine applicator as different machines have different mandrels. The main core diameter sizes are 38mm, 45mm, and 77mm. However, if your label is hand-applied we will choose the correct size according to your label. 

 Media Library - Roll Elements Jpeg

Click here to see the different elements of a roll.


Q: What adhesive do I require?
A: Adhesive comes in many different ranges (permanent, removable, deep freeze, etc) so to get the correct adhesive for your label please let us know what application you will be using your label for and we can advise you accordingly.


Q: Can I get our company logo on the label?

A: Yes, we can print virtually anything on a label, all you would need to do is send us your artwork electronically and we can make a plate up for an exact replica.


Q: What is a numbered or personalized label?
A: This is where we digitally print your label with a unique difference to every label. This can be either a QR barcode for promotions or competition to each label having a different image, contact details, 'best before' date, and much more.


Q: I am looking for special occasion labels in a fancy shape that isn’t just square, rectangular or oval; can you help?

A: Yes, we have a number of cutters available in numerous shapes and sizes but if these do not suit your requirements we can have a specialized die made up to your exact requirements.


Q: Can I also order plain labels from you?

A: Yes, we can supply these for you in any format you require from a role or to a sheet with multiple labels across and down. These can also be printed on multiple materials that can also be used through your own printer.


Q: How many labels do I have to order for a minimum order?

A: This would depend on the size and complexity of your order but we would normally take orders for no less than 100 labels.


Q: What is the minimum size of label you do?

A: Currently our smallest rectangular die size is 5.2mm x 3.5 mm.


Q: What is the largest label you can produce?

A: The largest label size we can print is 500mm x 50 METRES!!!!!!

We have the largest and widest dedicated digital label press in Ireland.


Q: Do you do window labels?

A: We can make removable or permanent labels to go onto the glass. We can also print with reversible text so they can be stuck on the inside but be read from the outside.


Q: Do you print food-grade labels?

A: To our knowledge, we are the only label printing company in Ireland that prints food-grade inks for both Digital and Flexographic labels.


Q: Do you print food labels and what regulations/cert do you hold?

A: Yes we do food labels and so much more. Our digital press uses toner that is FDA-approved for direct contact with food. We also are proud to have both ISO9001 & BRCGS food standard accreditations. Click here to download our FDA-approved dry toner spec sheets.


Q: How do I order my labels?

A: You can order by phone, email, fax, or by post, please see our ‘Contact US’ page for further details.

Q: How do I pay for my labels?

A: After your order has been shipped out we will send an invoice to you, you can then pay either by electronic bank transfer, over the phone, or in-person with all major credit or Laser cards or we can accept cheques, postal orders, or cash. New Customers will be sent a proforma invoice.

Q: Do you do trade work?

A: Yes, approximately 45% of all the work we produce is sold to the trade. We can box your labels without our company info and even ship them directly to your Customer if required.

Q: Is your price competitive?

A: Yes, we are trade printers, therefore we must be competitive.

Q: Is your Quality good?

A: Yes, we have won the Print Awards numerous times in Ireland and runner-up internationally.

Q: Do you deliver fast?

A: Yes, we have massive capacity since we expanded our Flexo printing department in 2024 and our Digital printing department in 2023 which means we can produce your labels in a matter of days, sometimes hours.

Q: Do we have to purchase printing plates?

A: For Digital Labels you do not require printing plates, for conventional Flexographic printing you do.


Q: Do you have many cutter sizes for me to choose from or must I purchase a new die cutter?

A: We have over 3,000 die cutters to choose from, so if we don't have your exact size then we have a size very close to it.


Q: Can you hot foil and emboss our labels.

A: Yes, we have a new dedicated award-winning hot foil and embossing press just ask our Sales team for samples.


Q: What if my question is more technical?
A: No problem. Simply contact one of our team and we will be glad to discuss your question and get you the right solution.

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