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Digital Label Printing

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At Label World we are always striving to be at the forefront of business & technology digital label solutions. Our Xeikon 3500 5 colour label presses are perfect for just about any label on a huge range of substrates. We understand that brand awareness, a wider range of SKUs, shorter run lengths and product life cycles are resulting in shorter run lengths and even shorter turn-around times and we can meet your demands by combining superior printing quality with optimal flexibility with our digital labels. Boasting the widest (up to 500mm) and fastest dedicated Digital label press in Ireland and printing REAL 1200dpi our quality and versatility is unrivalled.

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How many times do you order more labels than you actually need, then find an expiry date or new ingredients have been added which means all your labels in stock are obsolete. With digital print, you can stop the unwanted waste, extra expense and be stuck with the same label until you’ve used them all up. Digital’s versatility allows you to change just about everything on each label offering you a wide range of markets and demographics to be reached. Some of these include security printing to protect your brand, QR bar-coding to direct customers to a specific page on your website, for example, ingredients, a competition your running, a list of outlets supplying your product etc. and much more.


With the graphic’s studio on-site this gives us greater flexibility compared to other labelling companies so that we always generate and supply proofs of each label before we go to print.  At Label World we won’t just print your labels; we’ll help you create them to sell your product. Our experienced, in-house design team will provide direction and advice every step of the way.  We accept files in most formats but the main ones are Adobe illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and Acrobat PDF’s.

If you are considering producing a label why not give us a call and one of our team can help advise you about size, stock, quantity or anything else that will help your product stand out from the crowd.



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Some key benefits of Digital Label Printing:

Superior register and trapping control • Litho quality print • No Plate charge/Better pricing • Lower quantity orders • Variable Data Printing • Press Proof’s • Numbering Security features • Print-Multiple versions easily • Colour Consistency • Real 1200dpi printing• Back print and much more


When you choose Label World for your digital printing needs, you know that you are making the right choice for the environment.
Our newest digital press:

  • Produce no hazardous emissions of VOCs
  • Do not cause water pollution as they do not use any processed water
  • Use materials for printing that are guaranteed to be recyclable as the toner can be easily removed
  • Use toners that contain no harmful chemicals
  • Print only what you need, reprint when needed, reducing waste through minimal production, downsizing storage space and thus decreasing costs.

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Finding a reliable label printer who uses approved Food Grade direct contact printing materials is quite hard to come by these days but at Label World we strive to meet our growing Customer's needs and listen to their requirements. That's why we are proud to boast the only digital label printing press in Ireland that can deliver Food Grade direct contact approved labels. Click here to download our FDA approved information sheet. Spec sheets on all toners and developers can be requested at any time by contacting our office in Swords, Co. Dublin by clicking here.


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ICE Dry Toners

ICE toner has been specifically designed to expand digital label production to heat-sensitive substrates like PE substrates and thermal transfer labels. The toner is produced at Xeikon’s dedicated toner plant in Heultje, Belgium. Innovative, market-driven research and development ensures it is continually improved, so the Xeikon users can meet ever-rising quality and productivity standards.

ICE toner is available in the four process colours (CMYK) as well as five off-the-shelf gamut expansion spot colours (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Extra magenta). Two technical toners, a one-pass Opaque White toner and a Clear toner are also available for printing on clear/metalized films and security applications, respectively. In addition, Xeikon can also develop custom-made colours to meet specific brand colour requirements.


In the United States, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets guidelines that must be followed with regard to food, whether packaged or not. Some of these guidelines are with respect to the actual materials being used to produce the labels, such as inks, toners and substrates. In addition, the FDA also sets guidelines with respect to the printed materials in contact with food. The two types of food contact are direct and indirect. With direct food contact, the printed material comes into contact with the food. Indirect food contact refers to printed materials that are located on the outside packaging of the food. The Xeikon QA-I toner meets all the applicable FDA guidelines for indirect food contact under room temperature and less severe conditions as well as direct food contact for dry food substances containing no surface oil or fat under the same conditions.

Food safety is of the highest priority for label converters, as nearly 40 per cent of the digitally produced labels are used for food packaging applications. By utilizing Xeikon’s latest technology, label converters can gain a unique competitive edge in the markets they serve. Other printing technologies that involve UV-inks or solvent-based liquid inks do not always meet the FDA guidelines as they contain low molecular weight components. For example, most UV-inks are unsuitable for indirect food contact as non-crosslinked molecules or photo-initiators present in the cured ink could migrate through the packaging and contaminate the food being packaged.

The QA-I toner suitability for indirect food contact applies to all process colours (CMYK) as well as spot colours (White, Clear, Extra Magenta, Red, Green, Blue and Orange). The toner’s direct food contact suitability applies to all process colours (CMYK) and White, Clear and Extra Magenta spot colours.


The QA-I toner has been formulated to take toner lightfastness to an entirely new level. Lightfastness is a measure of how well a printed image resists discolouration or fading as a result of exposure to sunlight over time. Some printed images, such as those located in an office environment where the image is affected mostly by artificial light, have lower lightfastness requirements than images that will be continuously exposed to sunlight.

Lightfastness is measured using the Blue Wool scale with ratings ranging from 1 (very low) to 8 (ultimate). A rating of 8 means that the colour will begin to fade in 6 to 15 months, while a rating of 1 means that fading will occur between 3 hours to 3 days. Out of Xeikon's QA-I standard process colours, Black (K) achieved the highest lightfastness rating of 8, Cyan © achieved a rating of 7-8, while Magenta (M) and Yellow (Y) achieved a rating of 6-7. This is the best combination of lightfastness ratings among all the different digital printing technologies currently available on the market for label production.

The most impactful product labels are those that will stand out on the shelf and capture a consumer's attention. The Xeikon QA-I toner achieves this objective by providing excellent colour consistency to label converters and ensuring that the printed colours maintain their vitality over time.


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The Xeikon QA-I toners are eco-friendly. They do not emit any hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) during production or use. In addition, they are fully de-inkable and recyclable based on relevant applications.

The QA-I toners are also eco-friendly based on their manufacturing process, which involves lower energy consumption and waste.


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FDA COMPLIANT - QA-I toner meets FDA guidelines for indirect food contact and direct contact with dry food substances that contain no surface oil or fat. Direct food contact is allowed for all process colours.


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ICE toner means that we can print repeat orders with the exact colour & consistency as the first time. Having Xeikon ICE certification means we can match 92% of all Pantone colours while still offering the highest quality of print there is at real 1200dpi.


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