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What I see on my computer is what I will see printed on paper, right?

Media Library - Finger print
No, not necessarily. Every computer monitor or screen is different and the same file will look different on each monitor. This is also true with Digital output. The file may look one way on your monitor but after the file is processed through the DFE (Digital Front End)  where the image is “ripped” (or rasterized) the colour may change slightly and print differently from what you see on screen.


At Label World we have an open-door policy to customers so if you would like to see how your label will look when printed but don’t trust your small desktop printer then we can output a sample proof of your label on a specific substrate on our digital press before you commit to the full order. This way any minor errors, tweaks, or adjustments can be made on the basis that you know exactly how your label will look when printed. 


Media Library - Eyeglass

This can help save time and money as errors are found during the printing process on the press, and correcting them can prove very costly to one or both parties involved.


For more information or to discuss a specific requirement please contact our office and one of our team will be happy to help. 

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