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Hand Sanitiser Labels

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Hotel Sanitised & Sealed Labels

Let your guests know that they are the first to enter their room since it was last sanitised.

These labels are generally used to supply a temporary seal between the door frame and the door itself but can also be used for a multitude of uses and environments such as car doors, on airplanes, on toilets to name but a few. 

With these seal labels, your clients will feel you have their best interests at heart with a visual statement on how serious you are about hygiene and sanitation. Each label has a perforation running across the width which will break once the door is opened.

Your cleaning staff can keep a roll with them at all times and quickly apply the label to the door once they have finished each room.


We have an excellent label with a built-in perforation with a removable adhesive ideally suited to seal hotel doors.

  • Our standard ''cleaned & sealed'' label size is: 55mm x 250mm (2 1/4” x 10”) or you can choose any size you wish.
  • The Labels have a high gloss varnish for extra protection from viruses.
  • The labels have a removable adhesive for easy removability and non damage to the door or wall surfaces. Our ''cleaned & sealed'' labels are printed on gloss paper with a removable adhesive. This adhesive is designed so that the label can be easily removed without damaging the surface or leaving any residue behind. We do recommend testing the adhesive on your surfaces and we are happy to send you samples.
  • We have generic hotel labels (see above) and alternatively you can order your own bespoke labels to suit your specific requirements and branding.
  • Labels are supplied on rolls for easy handling.
  • The perforation is designed to create a breakable seal when the door is opened.

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General Hand Sanitiser and Hygiene Labels


The global problem of Covid-19, washing your hands and sanitising areas is now more important than ever. At Label World we canMedia Library - Hand Sanitiser Imageprovide custom labels for all areas of sanitation. We all know at this stage how important washing your hands with soap and water is in the fight against Covid-19 but there is not always the option or opportunity to wash with soap and water so people are using more and more chemically produced hand sanitisers. If your customers or your company are thinking of supplying hand sanitiers gels or liquids into the marketplace or office areas we can create your personalised branded labels to maximise vital imformation yet keeping your brand prominent. 



° Hand Sanitising Gel Design

° Hand Sanitising Gel Labels

° All Types of Sanitation Labels

° Fast Delivery

° Printed Using Low Migration Ink

° High Lacquer Varnish That Protects Your Labels

° Hand Sanitising Spray Labels

° Great Light Fastness


What Material should I use? We recommend using Gloss White polypropylene, as this is a durable material suitable for sanitising gel.


What finish should I use? We recommend using a UV  (Ultraviolet) Gloss varnish lacquer for great protection against sanitising liquid.


What adhesive should I use? We recommend a rubber-based hot melt adhesive for excellent adhesion to your sanitising bottle.


Can the labels be applied automatically? Yes, this is not a problem. We can provide labels on rolls that will work on your applicator. We require the core size, the roll size and the label direction (copy position).


Can you print variable information on the labels? Yes, we can print variable data such as consecutively numbered labels, batch numbers, use-by dates, or any barcode or variable barcode that you require on your sanitising labels.

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