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Qaulity Marks


Foam Tip Self-Saturating Cleaning Swabs

These cleaning swabs are good for cleaning the thermal printheads, paper paths, guides and rollers. Swab stem holds cleaning soloution of 91% IPA and 9% de-ionized water.

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Using Print Head Cleaning Swabs will help improve the quality of your prints and extend the life of your print heads. Print heads are extremely sensitive to dust, dirt, ink residues and other contaminants. If not cleaned on a regular basis, they will not print properly which will result in illegible characters, streaks and other imperfections. To extend the life of your print head and to print better, use our swabs to clean your print head on a regular basis. We recommend cleaning your printhead every 4-5 rolls of material for optimum performance.

   • Open celled foam
   • Low in particulates
   • Low in nonvolatile residue
   • Thermally welded